Thursday, February 23, 2017

About to Bust Open

This good size mirror is one of
several that I landed this week.
There is still snow and ice in places,
but it is disappearing quickly.
Get ready because carp fishing is about to bust open this coming week. It will be an earlier than usual start.  I went around scouting the last couple of days and can tell you that most of the ice is at least partially off most of the ponds.  Some places were half iced in, others had sparse icing along the shorelines.  Ponds and lakes south of Providence had little ice while places to the north had more.  However, I suspect the all the ice will be gone by the weekend. The rivers are ice free but the water is high and really moving in most places.
I did also fish a couple of times this week in moving, ice free water and landed a few mirrors.  The water is still super cold with the ice and snow melting and the fish are sluggish, but that will change rapidly in the next week. Sweet corn was the bait of choice this week.
Realize that early season fishing is complicated because of RI DEM rules.  Here are some things to keep in mind:
* You will need a new 2017 license to fish after March 1 in RI. Your old (2016 ) license is good until the end of Feb.
* All trout stocked waters are closed and off limits until Opening Day (second Sat. in April).  All other waters are open to carp fishing.
*The Blackstone River is mostly closed to carp fishing  after March 1 due to limited trout stocking.
*Once Opening Day comes along, the use of corn is prohibited in trout stocked waters.  You can use corn everywhere else.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Next Stop on the Seminar Tour....Springfield Sportsmens Show

My next stop on my winter seminar tour is the Springfield Sportsmens Show at the Big E in Springfield, MA.  I will be there on Sat., Feb.25.  I will be doing my saltwater seminar titled Keeper Bass and Big Blues from Shore and Boat along with my latest carp fishing show, Targeting Large Carp. The exact seminar time schedule should be posted soon.  I did the carp fishing seminar at the New England Fishing and Outdoor Expo in Boxboro, MA several weeks ago and it was well attended with novices as well as veteran carpers. I expect the a similar turnout in Springfield.
The Springfield Sportsmens Show is a huge event billed as the biggest outdoor show in New England.  It features everything outdoors with an emphasis on hunting and fishing. All the show information is HERE. 
I hope to see many of my followers at the show.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Check Out The Interview on Pond Tuna Blog

I was asked by fellow RI CAGer and carp enthusiast Angel Medrano if he could set up an interview with me for his blog, Pond Tuna. I agreed and quite frankly, it was an honor. You can find it at
Angel is one of our premier carp fishermen in this state. He writes an informative blog that I check out almost daily.  He has some unique and interesting perspectives on carp fishing along with some very good photography. Check it out!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Photo of the Day

Got out this morning in 20 degree weather.  The shore had ice, the shoreline had
snow.  Yet, I managed to land this good size common on hair rigged sweet corn.
Yes, they can be caught in February!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Passing of RI CAG Member Richard Bessette

At 82 years old, Richard Bessette of Providence was one our most enthusiastic members of the RI CAG. Here was a guy who had found a new passion called carp fishing, and he was out doing it just about every day of the year. I fished with him on dozens of occasions and always enjoyed his stories about fishing and life, and I can tell you he had a lot of them.  He was always showing me some newfangled gear that he had bought for carp fishing. He was also one who would lend a hand or advice to any newcomer who wanted to get into carp fishing. I often saw him fish with a friend and he would let the friend use one of his rods while he would fish the other.
I did a post about Richard earlier in the year.  He was so hooked on carp fishing that he bought a vanity plate for his car that read "Carp 7".  He was real excited the day he got it and called me over to proudly show me the plate on his truck. He also had CAG (Carp Angler Group) stickers on a lot of his gear as he was a proud supporter of our group.
He was a guy who had a lot of health problems in his life, but never showed it. He always had a positive outlook and like many of us, saw carp fishing as a means to relax with friends and get away from life's problems.
And, he also knew how to catch carp.  He told me that he landed 150 carp this year, his best year ever. He was looking forward to having an even better year next year. He would never see the next year as he passed away this week.
For all who knew and fished with Richard, he will be sorely missed in the upcoming season.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Photo of the Day

It's January, but the fish are hitting as if it's the middle of March. Here is one of several mirrors
 landed today. Get in on the action soon because it won't last.  Looks like the ice will be returning next week,

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Yes, They Will Hit!

In my last post I discussed whether carp would hit in non moving water in the middle of January.  I got my answer today as I banked a couple of good looking carp.  In past years I have landed a good number (upwards of 25 fish for the month) of carp in January.  But, it has always been in moving water with current. Carp tend to be more active in moving water in the middle of the winter.  I have had no success in the non moving water of ponds and lakes.  Well, today I got my first ones here in RI in non moving water.
I landed a couple and had a couple of more taps on the hair rigged sweet corn I was using. My advice to any winter carpers out there is this.  Go small.  I was using only two pieces of sweet corn on a small hair that came off a small hook (#8).  The hooklink was also short. Sweet corn is a great winter bait.
Don't expect any screaming runs at this time.  The carp are sluggish and they tend to tap away at the bait.  One fish even dropped it back a bit today.  I will pull if I see any tapping or movement of the line or rod.  Note that the fish are also very sluggish on the fight.  It's much like reeling in a tire at this time of year.  The only time they fought today was near shore in sight of the net.
So, yes, they will hit at this time of year in non moving water. That is certainly good news, and opens up the possibility for RI carpers to get their first fish of the new year.
This good looking common is one of two carp landed today in non moving water.
This warm weather has gotten things going real early in the year.