Thursday, March 30, 2017


This good size mirror is one of
40 carp landed in the last three
days! The carp have been on the
rampage at ice out.
Wild, hybrid goldfish have also
been hitting as I have landed two
of these "rare" fish in the
last three days.
I have fished the last six days in a row. These were mostly short sessions of 3 to 4 hours a day.  The first three days I blanked.  Yup, not a darn thing in a number of different places in RI and MA waters.  In most of those places there were pockets of ice along the ponds I fished so the water was super cold.  Then, the ice disappeared in the rainy weather we had this week, and the fishing went from terrible to terrific. In the next three days I managed to land a whopping 40 carp with a couple of goldfish also. It was as good as it gets at ice out at this time of year.
The carp I landed were all sizes from small ones to good size fish up near 20 lbs. I got them either on just sweet corn or a combo bait of artificial corn and sweet corn fished on the hair rig.  I also used a method ball packed around my sinker.  In these three "active" days I saw numerous fish jump and whirl, a sure sign that fish are getting more active.
As a bonus I was also able to land two "rare" wild hybrid goldfish.  These fish, which look like commons but with smaller scales and no barbels,  were fat as footballs, an indication that they were full of eggs and getting ready to spawn.
I'm guessing the nasty wintry weather predicted for the next two days will likely cool things off. But, if I can get to the water, I plan to fish the nasty weather.

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