Friday, January 27, 2012

New Members of the January Carp Club in RI

Prior to this year, there was only a couple of us in the state that had ever hooked and landed a January carp in open water.  That number is increasing as members of the RI Carp Anglers Group have been fishing all winter long and catching.  Catching a carp in December in fairly easy, especially in the beginning of the month.  But, January....that's a different story.  Even in a warm January as we are now experiencing, it's mighty tough to catch one. You need to find open water and then find fish that are willing to hit. But, we're a persistent group. I got out today with two of our RI CAG members, Nick and Paul. I got nothing but those two guys landed 3 nice fish.  They are the latest members of the January carp club here in RI. For those who can't fish on the ice this year and for those waiting for Opening Day to finally fish, you are missing a great opportunity to catch a big, hard fighting winter fish.  Carp will hit in the dead of winter and the pictures are proof.

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