Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Add Doughballs to List of Hot Baits Right Now

In the last few days I have gotten decent numbers of carp in the 8-15 lb. range.  All of them have been taken on either doughballs or chick peas, the two hottest baits to use right now.  I have tried sweet corn and maize with no luck.

A few posts ago, I gave the readers a lot of information about fishing with chick peas.  Here's the scoop on using doughballs.  Doughballs are the white part of a piece of bread.  Take a small piece of it and knead it into a hard ball that is 10-12 mm in diameter, or about the size of a small marble.  I then like to set the doughballs out in the sun to harden a bit.  I then hair rig these doughballs (see photo).  Another option is to simply pack the bait around a small #6 or #8 hook if you are not using a hair rig.  While doughballs are top notch baits for carp, everything else that swims loves them including snapping turtles.  Yes, I have gotten a couple of those in the last couple of days also!

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