Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Turtles Incredibly Pesty

Here comes my turtle tirade for 2012. 
I can't stand them!  They are out in full force right now.  Both the large snapping turtles and sneaky sun turtles are keying on anything that hits the water, especially my bait.  I swear they go by the sound of the sinker and bait hitting the water and immediately hone in on the bait like bees to honey.  There's not much you can do about it except to check your bait often and rebait.  Sun turtles have the nasty habit of picking the bait apart without moving the rod tip a twitch so there is no warning that they are removing your carp bait.  Snapping turtles will bounce the rod tip or even move off slowly with the bait setting off the alarm as if it's in slow motion. You'll hook most of them.  Good luck getting your hook and sinker back.  It seems to me that there is an explosion in the turtle population compared to years ago.  Maybe it's our warming weather or maybe there are just not that many predators after them to control the population.  What the heck eats a turtle?  I know a couple of Russians who catch a lot of carp who could really put a dent in the population if they could develop a liking for turtle soup.
So, I'm on a hunt for that ideal summer water that holds lots of carp and very few turtles.  I've been looking for that spot for years but have had no luck finding it.  Meanwhile it looks like I'll be putting up with these pests for the next three months. I can't stand those darn turtles!

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  1. I'd say this would be a funny post, but I've been there and it is not funny!!!