Sunday, August 19, 2012

DISCOVERY in Unknown Venue

I've been on a kick on the last two weeks searching RI waters for unknown venues that could have carp.  These are places with NO previous catches and unknown venues to carp fishermen.  I fished a place this evening where no carp have ever been caught by carp fishermen to my knowledge.  I discovered this place though my son, Jon, who was bass fishing in this pond.  To his surprise, he foul hooked about an eight pound carp using a plastic worm several days ago.  That was enough to perk my interest.  I prebaited the spot in the morning and returned to fish in the evening,  Results were astounding for a new location.  Using banana flavored maize, I landed three large commons of 15, 20 and 21 lbs. (see photo).  I also lost another fish that seemed larger than any I landed.  While most "new" spots turn out to be duds, sometimes a new location can really produce.  In this case it did.  I feel this new found spot could hold a very large fish. I plan to find out.
Note that my two RI record fish, a 36 lb. common and a 31 lb. mirror, were taken from venues where very few, if any, carp were ever caught. No one had a clue that fish that large could exist in these spots.  There are more unknown gems out there in RI just waiting to be discovered. It just takes a little exploring and a lot of effort.  And, sometimes it pays off.

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