Sunday, September 2, 2012

Better Days Are Coming

I believe we have hit bottom as far as carp fishing goes here in RI.  This is the slowest time of the year to fish, and my lack of success while fishing in the daytime every year in late August seems to prove me right.  Daytime fishing, the time I go most often, is poor right now. It has been poor for the last two weeks.  The water is the warmest it will get, and the fish are lethargic.  Weed growth is at its maximum.  Many ponds are experiencing a green algae growth. The pests are many and they include turtles, horned pout, bluegills, and dace, and they are most active at this time playing havoc with my bait.
But, September is here and that means turning the corner with improving fishing.  I suspect there will be a dramatic uptick in carp fishing as the fish will begin to feel a need to feed as a sense of fall arrives with cooling days and colder nights leading to cooling water.  In the past, some real big carp have been taken by RI CAG members in mid to late September. The good fishing should extend into October and November.  Last year I landed three thirty pounders here in RI in the fall while fishing in the daytime. So, I am really looking forward to fall fishing again.  Hey, who knows, maybe a RI 40 lber. (YIKES!) might just make it to my net this fall.

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