Sunday, September 23, 2012

Big Carp Being Caught by RI CAG Members

It's big fish time here in RI.  With the cool nights dropping water temperatures, large carp are on the feed packing up in anticipation of winter.  It happens every year in mid to late September as our RI CAG members start reporting big catches.  In the last three days, I have gotten news about some outstanding catches. RI CAG member Nick landed a hefty common of 24 lbs. in one venue while fishing in the daytime.  On the same day, CAG member Kev landed another 24 lb . common from a different venue while fishing at night.  Finally, a day later, I got out and landed a 20 and 25 lb. mirror from yet another venue.  Today I followed that up with a 22 lb. mirror.  A 20 lb. carp from RI waters is  considered a "big" carp.  So, these reports of mid 20 lb. fish would be considered outstanding catches. The big fish should continue hitting for the next month, maybe two months as October and November are prime times to score a big fish, maybe even a record.

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