Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nasty Weather Lights up Fishing....Again

It is no secret that I love to fish for carp in nasty weather.  Some of my record fish were taken on some of the lousiest days imaginable.  In addition, I have concluded from past logs that September is an especially good time to fish nasty weather. So, today's weather offered the perfect opportunity to get out and fish and break a bad streak I was on.  It worked.
I landed several decent commons (see photo at left)  and a white cat  in a short period of time in some very windy and showery conditions.  Today's hot bait was a combination of flavored maize and pineapple Pescaviva sweet corn.  I put one kernel of each on the hair. Check out the bait in the fish's lip at top right. It was fished ahead of an oatmeal based method ball. This is a bait set up I have been using in the last two weeks and has proven very successful. 
There are two prime times to fish in the month of September if you can.  Nighttime is especially good for big fish, and rainy and stormy conditions will produce well in the daytime.  Sunny, warm days are usually the least effective conditions to fish.

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  1. Nice going Dave! It's always encouraging to see the action you're getting into. I hope to catch up with you to do some carping soon.