Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let the Fall Games Begin!

There are two major times of the year in which I catch a lot of huge carp.  Prespawn in the spring, that time from mid April to mid May, is one prime time. Earlier this year I landed the RI CAG Mirror record of 31 lbs. along with the CAG Big 4 Tournament "Biggest Mirror" of 40 lbs.  Both fish, along with a bunch of other 20-30 lb. carp, fell in that time period.
The other big fish time period goes from Sept. until the cold weather arrives.  Last year I landed two common carp of 33 and 36 lbs. in the fall  that would have set the official state record here in RI, but I chose to release them rather than kill those fish to have them officially weighed.  I also landed a load of other big fish last fall.
Well, that big fish in the fall event is starting.  It didn't take long...a few cool nights and some rainy weather and we are in business.  I've gotten a couple of good fish in the twenties this week as I have been fishing hard in nearby MA and RI.  Large carp feed heavily in the fall in anticipation of winter.  The next two months is prime time to catch a monster. The pic at the right is a very big mirror in the low twenties that I landed today on a kernel of flavored maize along with a pop-up boilie fished on a hair rig.

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