Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nothing Doing

So far, it's a BIG BLANK for me in the new year.  I tried a few times a couple of weeks back in multiple spots when we were having warm weather and got nothing.  Now, with the current cold snap, everything is iced over, even running water.  About a week ago I checked out one of my winter spots just prior to the big freeze.  Unfortunately, there was about a half an inch of thin and clear ice which made the place unfishable.  To my surprise when I looked at the ice I could see carp swimming around under the ice.  Talk about a tease!  The one good thing about the ice in most places is that it is not that thick at this point.  In other years, the ice was well over a foot thick by now.  On most ponds, the ice thickness ranges from 2-5 inches.  That should melt very fast once we get a warm up.  So, nothing doing on the carp scene at this point, but I expect things will change very quickly once the weather warms and the ice begins to melt.

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