Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thinking About Alarms?

When I meet fishermen along the bank who have no idea about carp fishing, the one piece of equipment that their eyes are drawn to is my bite alarm. Most fishermen (carp guys as well as non carp fishermen) universally think these are the coolest devices they have ever seen.  When fishermen do start carp fishing, most want to get a bite alarm.
For those who have no idea what I am talking about, bite alarms are simply sensors that give off a shrill alarm and light up once a carp either hits or runs with your bait.  Your rod is placed on the alarm with the line on a roller or digital sensing device (built into alarm) which detects movement of the line. The are especially valuable if you space your rods some distance apart where you can't watch two rods at the same time.  They are essential at night if you are fishing dark places with little light.
Most of the quality alarms are made and sold in Europe. You will not find them in the usual tackle shops or catalogs like Bass Pro or Cabelas.  Alarms can be purchased in the US at online carp tackle shops like Wacker Baits or Big Carp Tackle.
Here is my STRONG recommendation if you want to but an alarm.  Buy a quality one like either a Fox or a Delkim. These are not cheap as Fox alarms start at about $45 and the entry level Delkims begin at $80.  Oh, you can find alarms online for $20-$25 but these are not very water resistant and will die out in the first rainstorm. Cheaper alarms are simply a waste of money.
If you do buy an alarm, realize you also need a device to hold it.  Many fishermen opt for a bankstick onto which you screw on the alarm.  Banksticks are adjustable metal sticks that are 15-30 inches long on average. The alarm goes on one end and the bankstick is driven into the ground on the other end. Banksticks run from about $10-$20 and can be purchased at these online stores.  If you want to discuss an alarm/bankstick purchase, Paul Pezalla at Wacker Baits is the guy to speak to (tel. 708- 450-0305).

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