Monday, February 25, 2013

New License Needed on March 1

Here's a reminder for all those fishermen who want to get out and fish for carp in March.  You need a new 2013 license on March 1.  The old 2012 license expires at the end of February.
From March 1 until Opening Day (for trout) which is April 12, only trout stocked waters are closed to fishing.  All other waters remain open for fishing, and that includes a lot of carp waters here in RI.
Last year there was a real fiasco over licences as the state did not have the new licenses ready until about week after March 1.  Vendors (tackle shops, Walmart, Benny's) did not have the new licenses. I could not even get one on line.  As of right now, you can't get the new license online until March 1 since the license application is only set up by the year 2012.  Seems pretty stupid to me, but, hey, this is the state of RI.  In other states, you can go to the license website, type in the year in which you want the license and there it is well ahead of time.
Here is the online link to get a license:

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