Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Carp of 2013

Well, it took awhile, but I finally got my first carp of 2013 here in RI.  It was a common carp that weighed 13 lbs. 
I have been looking for open water for the past several days, searching many ponds and moving water locations. I found the open water I was looking for  today.  Many places are still completely iced over while other spots are starting to thaw with holes in the ice covering here and there. You only need some open water to fish and many times I fish ponds that are half ice at this time.
The water is cold right now and carp are quite sluggish in the cold water of early spring.  However, they will hit if you can find the fish.  Today's fish hit unflavored sweet corn (what else!) fished on the hair rig.  Sweet corn is a real good bet in the early going.
It looks like tomorrow's storm will further erode  the ice with lots of rain and wind.  The season has started and it can only get better in the coming days and weeks.

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