Monday, March 4, 2013

Tough Start

No hits today along this half frozen, half melted shoreline

I thought this would be the week that things break open here in RI.  I'm beginning to change my mind as I went fishless in a number of locations today.  Most places from the middle of the state to northern RI still have ice.  In some places, there is so much ice that fishing is impossible.  In other places, ice covers half the pond or lake.  Still, other places are ice free but the water is very cold. Moving river waters are very high due to recent rains and snow melt.
What we really need to get things started is a warm up.  If we could get a couple of sunny days in the fifties with nights above freezing, you would see a big upswing in the carp fishing.  With temperatures predicted to be in the forties and even thirties in the next week with a lot of cloudy weather and some snow, it is not looking like fishing is going to improve anytime soon.
I've been out about 5 times now in the last week and a half.  I landed one 13 lber. in that time period.  It's not good, but hey, it's the only fish I have heard about taken in RI waters since the new year.  Yes, we are off to a very slow start.

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