Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Keep Things Simple in Early Season

Here's my advice in the early part of the season.  Keep things simple. Carp tend to be sluggish at this time and a finesse approach works best when trying to coax them into hitting. Two baits are all you need in the beginning of the year.  Small doughballs and sweet corn should do it.  I like to use a hair rig for these baits, but because they are soft, you can put them directly on the hook if you are not into hair rigging.  I like two kernels of sweet corn on the hair (see photo).  My hook is an Umpqua Tiemco 2457 size #8.  Yes, I also like small hooks at this time of year. For sinkers I also go small with a half ounce steel sinker.  The hooklink (leader) is also short, about 6 inches in length,  and I usually go with 14 or 15 lb. test mono, though I know a lot of guys who prefer  40 or 50 lb. test Power Pro braid.  As far as method mix, I don't usually use it at this time, but if I decide to use it, I will go with a small ball of it.  So, if you are looking for early season success (and things should be hopping as soon as this nasty weather departs) keep things simple for the best shot at catching carp in March.

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