Friday, March 22, 2013

Slow in the Snow

The carp fishing is off, way off for this time of year.  Blame it on this cold March weather. Tuesday's weather brought 2-5 inches of snow to northern RI and it is still on the ground in most of the places I fish.  In addition, it brought very cold nights sending our springtime weather in reverse.  In fact, I went to fish on Wednesday morning, and the place I tried to fish was completely locked in ice.
The carp are still around, but they, too,have been slowed by the cold and are not feeding as they usually do at this time of year.  I have spent a lot of time in the last three days trying a number of places.  I landed five carp (see pic of one of them) in that time period, and I would not want to say how many hours I fished for those five fish.  So, not much we can do about it but get out and hope that the fish hit.  It will warm up eventually!


  1. I'm the 100,000 page viewer congrats Mr. Pickering you are one fine fisherman.

  2. Tried to reach you on your striped bass page but there is no comment section. I read your article on beefing up sp minnows. You said you used 5.5 H, which I assume stands for heavy. I bought the saltwater angler #4 xx , which is there double strong one, rated at 70lbs. They fit in the hangers fine and swing pretty freely but are a little tight, Espically if both of the split ring wires are in the hanger, but they still have room to swing. Is this ok? I figure the 5.5h are even thicker.

  3. My 5.5 H nsplit rings that I get from NJ is rated at 100 lb. test. Their 4 H is rated at 80 lb. test. I think you will be ok with your split rings, surely better than what was there. Besides, the hook is the more important component here. I never had a split ring pull out or straighten out, but I have had many hooks straighten. If the hooks can swing you are ok. I think it will be fine. Thanks for reading my blogs.

    1. I got vmc 1/0 4x hooks on them. I was just concerned if the split ring was able to jam in the hanger cause its tight. But the hook has plenty of space.
      Thank you.