Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Fishing...... a Dud

If you are a skier, this has been a great month; if you are a carp fisherman, it was a month to forget.  It has been one of the slowest Marches I have ever experienced.  I have gone out just about every day and I've fished multiple venues, and I have landed a grand total of 20 fish, and not one of them could be considered a bragging size.  Other RI CAG members and experienced carp fishermen are reporting similar slow fishing with the exception of one of our members who has landed some decent size fish over 20 lbs. Hmm, seems like he's discovered a March Honey Hole!
Blame it on this cold wintry weather that refuses to let up. Just north of the RI border where I also fish a lot for carp, many of the ponds are still locked in ice.  Snow on the ground north of Worcester makes it look like the North Pole up there.  Around here it is not that bad, but it is just cold enough at night to slow the fishing.  Realize last year I was catching lots of nice fish in 60 and 70 degree weather at this time.  A shot of warmer weather would really perk things up. Here's looking forward to April and warmer days.

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  1. Managed 11 carp on three outings this week. Two around ten pounds. Shallow coves off the Blackstone have been holding them nicely ;)