Sunday, March 10, 2013

Springing to Life

It just took a couple of sunny days with temperatures in the forties and low fifties, and the carp fishing season is off and running.  I fished yesterday evening and this afternoon and landed a good number of mirror carp (see photos of a couple of fish from today).  I got them on hair rigged sweet corn (see previous post).  You just know spring is here when you see carp moving around the shallows, bluegills moving near shore  and bugs flying in the air.  The new season has finally arrived! 
Just a reminder about the fishing rules at this time of year.  Fishing is permitted in non-trout stocked waters.  Any places where trout are stocked are off limits.  Trout stocked waters are usually posted or you can find a listing on the DEM website.


  1. Hey, I attended your carp seminar in mass and love carp fishing. I've been following your blog for a while and I'm really struggling to land fish in the early season and late fall even when I see you catching fish. It's odd because I am in CT so I figure water conditions are similar. I went yesterday In a small shallow pond hoping it would be warm enough to get some feeding going. While I did see some carp cruising they were not feeding. I tried a pva bag with oats and sweet corn with hair rigged corn on one rod and a pineapple boilie on the other also with pva. Going light with the sinkers as you reccomend and only two kernals of corn. No hits. I am going to try again on days the temps get in the fifties and would really like to catch an early season carp but they are eluding me in ct waters so far and were in the late fall even though i was fishing several days a week with varying methods and locations. Anything obvious that would improve my success? Have you just acquired hot spots over the years of targeting them? Thanks

  2. Yes, I have acquired hotspots where they are more likely to hit. These are shallow waters that warm quickly. You didn't mention prebaiting. That is also an important key. How about fishing the warmest part of the day......late afternoon and evening work out well for me. Also stick with small baits....strictly sweet corn. I do believe if you can see them you can catch them. Good luck.