Thursday, March 14, 2013

Questions About Line?

What line am I using?
For the most part I am using 15 lb. test monofilament  Berkley Big Game in a clear color.  It is strong and has good abrasion resistance since it is really made for saltwater. For my heavy duty outfits that I use to target big fish, I am using 20 lb. test Big Game.
What about braided line?
About half the sharpie carp fishermen use braid, half use mono. Personally,  I don't like braid for carp fishing.  Although it casts farther because of its thinness, it has little stretch and has a herky jerky feel on the fight.  Also, be careful since a violent hit can pull the outfit into the water because there is no stretch to the line. And, it also also quite expensive. It can also develop wind knots on the cast. However, braid users will point out that the 30 or even 50 lb. test braid that they use can pull a sinker or even a fish out of snags, and they have a lot more beef in the line to land that fish of a lifetime. They also like the distance they get when casting braid.
How often do I change lines?
I change my Big Game line at the start of every season.  I also might change it 2 or 3 times during the year depending on how much line I have lost or how worn the line has gotten.  I buy my line in large half pound or pound spools so I have a lot of it on hand.
How do I know what pound test line is ideal for my reel?
It is a balancing act.  You can't put 20 lb. test mono on a small spinning reel.  I'm using the 20 lb. test on a large 4500 Shimano Baitrunner.  My Shimano 3500's work well with the 15 lb. test line. Your spool should be marked with ideal line choices as well as the yardage it will take.

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