Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Big 3 Contest for CAG Members

The top three scorers in the contest
will win gold, silver and bronze medals
like the one shown above.
We will be holding a new and exciting RI Spring Big 3 Contest for CAG (Carp Angler Group) members.  Here is the way it will work.  You will enter your three biggest carp for the spring months of April, May and June.  That's your biggest fish for each month.  Add up the poundage and that's your number of points (works similar to CAG Big 4).  To make this a level playing field, all fish must be caught from RI waters, and the fish must be released in good shape after capture and weighing. I'd also like a picture of each big fish if possible. I'll be posting updates on this website as the contest rolls along.
In keeping with the Olympic spirit this year, the national CAG will be donating engraved gold, silver and bronze medals for the winners that have pictures of carp etched on one side and engraved on the other.  I've got to tell you that these look real cool and will become a keepsake for the winners.
So, if you are a former member who has not paid up his dues, now is the time.  If you are thinking about joining our group, the info on how to join is in one of the previous posts.

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