Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reminder: New RI License Needed on March1

Here's a reminder for all you carp fishermen out there who want to test the waters in March and early April.  A new, 2014 license is needed on March 1.  Unlike most other states, your RI freshwater license runs from March 1 until the end of February.
For those looking to purchase a license, the website where you can get one is here:  You can also purchase them at town halls, most tackle shops and places like Benny's or Walmart.  Note that in the past the state was slow on printing licenses and some years they were not available to vendors till days or even weeks into March.  Hey, that's RI for you!
The whole license issue really affects carp and bass fishermen because we are fishing as soon as the ice departs.  The rules allow you to fish in non trout stocked waters until Opening Day for Trout (second Sat. in April).  Trout stocked waters that hold carp are off limit until Opening Day.  There is a list of the trout stocked waters on the DEM website.

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