Monday, March 10, 2014

SPRINGing into Action

It doesn't look like spring in my backyard, but from a carp fisherman's point of view, it's here when I can get my first carp in March.  And, that happened today.
Most of the ponds and non-moving water areas in the state are still frozen solid with upwards of a foot of ice and loaded with snow on the banks so I fished moving water today.  It worked like a charm as I landed two commons and a mirror (see pics of two of the fish) that went up to ten pounds.  The fish were caught on combo  baits (kernel of pineapple sweetcorn combined with a kernel of orange colored tutti-fruitti sweetcorn) fished off the hair rig.  Strange, but I had my best luck without a method ball.
I will tell you that the fish today were sluggish.  They were sluggish hitters with a lot of taps and maybe a short run if I was lucky.  They were also sluggish on the fight, barely able to move on the way in.  This is quite normal when water temps are in the low to mid 30's as they were today.
So, for me the season has started, and I'll be back to my steady diet of carp fishing, especially on the warm days.  For anyone looking for a carp right now, your best bet is to hit moving and open water.  That can be in the form of a stream, a river or an area where a brook enters a pond. The warmest part of the day will be your best bet.

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