Thursday, March 13, 2014

Add Color to Combo Baits for Winter Success

A kernel of orange and a kernel of
yellow sweetcorn on the hair
worked like a charm this week.
About a month ago, I wrote a post about how color matters to a carp.  In the post I cited a study which showed carp were attracted to bright colored baits such as orange, pink and yellow.  The post is here:
I am applying this concept to my own fishing, and it has worked like a charm this week.  In the last two outings, I have been using two types of sweetcorn....a bright orange colored tutti-fruitti and a dull yellow pineapple flavored.  I have caught a good number of carp this week on these baits, but here is the scoop.  The carp would only hit a combination of an orange and yellow kernel on the hair.  They would not take just yellow kernels and they would not take just orange kernels. I suspect they were attracted to the contrast and found that orange a bit of an eye opener.

Yesterday's big fish of the day fell for a kernel of yellow and
a kernel of orange colored sweetcorn.  If you are using combo
baits, add some color.
If you go to online carp bait sites, you will see an increase in bright colored offerings from boilies to corn to artificial baits.  The colors red, pink, orange and yellow are quite prominent.  I will be using more of these color combos in the next season as that will be a major theme in my carp fishing this year.

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