Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First "Pond Fish"

Today's biggest fish went 14 lbs.
It has taken a while to get there, but I have finally gotten my first pond fish for 2014.  In fact, I landed two commons today, a ten pounder and a fourteen pounder.  I also had on another decent fish that I lost to a snag.  All these fish were hooked on sweet corn fished on a hair rig with a small method ball ahead of the bait.
Sweet corn fished ahead of
a method ball was the ticket
to success.
I have been scouting the state in the last few days looking for places to fish.  For the most part, ponds and lakes south of Providence are partially ice covered like the place I fished today.  Ponds and lakes north of Providence are generally totally covered with ice and unfishable.  I will also tell you that the ice is going fast as it falls victim to a warm sun at this time of year.  I suspect that by the weekend, a lot more water will open up.
Yes, spring fishing seems to be finally here and the action can only get better!  It's about time.

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