Monday, March 31, 2014

March Goes out Like a HOG

First "20"  of the year.
An hour later, second "20" of the year.
I've been steadily catching carp for the last two weeks here in RI, but what I lacked was a twenty pounder.  I landed a number of fish in the teens but that March 20 lber. had eluded me.  Until today.  I didn't get just one twenty, I actually got two of them.  Both were commons. I fished all day in some miserable weather, but if you can stand fishing in it, the rewards are often there.  Carp are on the prowl in nasty weather and today was no exception. Today's fish were caught on pop-up fake corn (orange) matched with a kernel of sweet corn.  This is has been my go to bait combo all month, and it worked terrific again today.
Right now the ponds are pretty much ice free.  Your best bet is to find some shallow water that warms up quickly.  It is those places where carp will be most active.  Also, places where the ice has been off the longest like ponds in the central and southern parts of the state are your best bets.  With flooding waters, river fishing is out right now.

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