Friday, March 21, 2014

Can You Believe This?

I'm fishing a pond today and there is some ice in coves and along shady shorelines.  The farthest thing from my mind is a pesky fish like bluegill or a horned pout.  They are supposed to be dormant, right?  Well, the rod starts twitching, and I think it's carp playing around with the method ball or the sweet corn I was using.  I have good reason to think that since I had landed a 15 lb. common about a half hour earlier.  The fish finally starts to run and I set the hook. Not a carp.  I know I have a small fish, but can it be?  Yup, the first pest of the year strikes, a horned pout of about 10 inches.  I never would have never guessed I'd get a pout before at least a month into the season when things start to warm up.  But, alas, here it is.  The pests know it should be spring.

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