Saturday, March 22, 2014

Artificial Sweetcorn Does the Trick Today

This was a hot bait today
when  used in combo with
the real stuff. It was
ordered from the UK.
My young friend holds a 15 lb. carp that
fell for the artificial corn.
This morning I received an order I had sent in to the UK for some hard to get stuff.  In my order was some ESP "Big Buoyant Sweetcorn".  It was artificial, plastic sweetcorn.  But there were two things about this bait that made it special.  It was buoyant so it floated giving it some lift on the hair that the carp find so appealing.  It was also the right color with some of the kernels being red and others being a bright orange, two hot colors when talking carp bait. I've written a lot about how carp are attracted to bright colors.
So, I headed off with some of my new goodies and fished with a couple of young friends I had met in Lincoln last year.  I used my artificial sweetcorn in combination with the real stuff on one outfit and went with just real sweetcorn on the other.  The two carp we landed today, commons of 10 and 15 lbs., feel for the artifical stuff.  I suspect this will be a very effective bait for me in the coming weeks.

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