Friday, April 4, 2014

April Continues Where March left Off

This gorgeous mirror was caught
This big bellied hog of over 20 lbs.
was also caught yesterday.
My good luck fishing for big fish just continues in April.  I got out yesterday and fished a couple of venues.  The score for the day was a  six pounder, a high teen and a couple of twenty pound hogs. No question about it....the big fish, many of them large females, are on the prowl and they are feeding.  Maybe it was the long winter, maybe it's a sudden urge to feed in this nice spring weather.  What I do know is that they are hitting.
I have tried a lot of places in the last couple of weeks since the ice left.  I can tell you that my best luck has been in shallow areas that warm up quickly.  My best bait has continued to be an artificial pop-up kernel of sweet corn combined with a real kernel of sweet corn (supermarket variety).  These are mounted on a hair rig and fished ahead of a method ball.  The time of the day has also mattered with late afternoon, evening providing the best action.
With warm weather coming on the weekend, the outlook for carp fishing is very good.

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