Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Special....Join CAG for $10

The national Carp Anglers Group (CAG) is offering a fantastic promotional deal.  In the month of April you can join this group for just $10 for the year.  Normally the cost is $25.
Membership in the national group gets you automatic membership in the state group.  There are lots of advantages to joining this group if you are interested in learning more about carp fishing.  Here are just a few:
*Network of fishermen in this state and other states that you can access
*Full access to the CAG Forum
*Full access to all the CAG sponsored contests and tournaments in which substantial prizes are awarded
*Full access to the NACA magazine which comes out 4 times a year ( a great deal)
*Some online discounts
*e-mailings from the RI CAG group that often focus on club events, fishing updates and reports, club contests (Big 3) and equipment updates
* Fish-ins and get togethers run by the RI CAG group
If you are interested in joining our group, here is the link:
The link to the national site is


  1. I will need to contact you to get you on our e-mail list and get you some info on our state group. The best way to do this might be through the CAG Forum. I am listed there under the state chairmen. Quite possibly I already sent you an e-mail through the Forum.
    Thanks for will be the best 10 bucks you ever spent!