Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Not in the Mood

The score for the weekend of ten hours of fishing
was one 9 lb. common.  The fish were just not in
a hitting mood.
Carp are probably the moodiest fish I have ever chased.  There are times where they will almost hit anything and other times where they are not interested at all regardless of what baits sit in from of their noses.  Well, this weekend was one of those times where they were not in the mood.
I fish Saturday and Sunday for a grand total of at least 10 hours in some very good spots where I had been catching them for the past week.  I got exactly one common, a 9 pounder.  And, that was it.  I got that fish on Saturday as I fished with two other members of our RI CAG.  We had six rods out and only one fish was landed.  It gets better.  I went out on Sunday in a different spot.  In this location I could see numerous fish all afternoon cruising around in front of me.  I could get nothing to hit my offerings though I did see them picking up chum I was tossing in occasionally.  I tried several different baits and combinations but they would not hit.
I suspect the very cold nights and windy, clear days are not ideal conditions for them to feed at this time of year.  The carp were just hitting this weekend.  I'm used to this as I realize blankings are part of the game.  It will change, but we'll need a shot of warm weather to make that happen.


  1. Dave,
    I set up at the Blackstone Saturday at noon, by 1:30 I had landed 5 5lb., 10lb., 11lb., 20+ lb., and 8lb.
    on Sunday I landed three and lost one. 6lb., 13lb., 15lb.,

  2. anyone try maple syrup bread dough?