Saturday, April 12, 2014

Warm Weather Brings Some Hot Carpin'

I was not the only one catching in the last couple of days.
Take a look at this gorgeous 20 lb. + mirror landed
by one of our RI CAG members.
This shot of warm weather in the last two days has lit up the carping here in RI.  I have had my best back to back days of fishing this year as I landed 12 carp that mostly averaged in the teens.  However, I also had a few twenties including the high twenty on the previous post. Many of our other fishermen from the RI CAG are also reporting some big catches of 20 lb. carp from venues all over the state.
Today I celebrated Opening Day of trout season by going carp fishing in the Blackstone River and landing two decent fish of 18 and 23 lbs.  As many of you know, I much prefer river fishing over pond fishing, and over the years I have had my best river fishing in the first half of the season. The river is also the water that I know the most about in the state having fished it extensively since I was a kid.  It was great to get back in the currents, even though the river is running quite high at this time and the spots to fish are limited. 
The hot fishing should continue for at least a couple of days as the mild stretch continues.  However, expect the fishing to go on a downhill slide later in the week as the cold and rain arrive.

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