Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adapting to Some Tough Conditions

This is typical of the size of the six carp
that I landed on sweetcorn in the last two days.
It gave me a chance to model my new CAG
state chairman sweatshirt!
I have to say that the last two days have been very tough carp fishing days here in RI.  Two days ago we had that big rainstorm. It flooded my hotspots in the Blackstone River making those places unfishable due to high and fast moving water.  In addition, the temperature since that storm has dropped like a lead balloon.  The days have generally been in the thirties and low forties. Carp don't respond well to severe drops in temperatures.
So, it was adapt or sit home on the couch.  I wasn't about to sit home, so I made a quick change in tactics.  I went back to fishing a lot of my "small" spots.  These are small, shallow water places that are not dramatically affected by these weather changes.  I often fish these after ice out and in December.  I also went back to smaller baits and used only sweetcorn.  I'm not going to tell you that I killed the fish, but I did land 4 mirrors and 2 commons, and they were all under ten pounds, typical of what you catch in small spots.  Hey, it was fishing and beat sitting at home and waiting for the weather to change.

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