Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Change in Baits Lighting it Up

This hefty mirror was caught today on
yellow and orange sweetcorn fished
on the hair rig.  It was one of five fish
landed today.
It's back to sweetcorn for me.  In the last week or so, the artificial baits have not worked well so I 've gone back to using sweetcorn in places that are not stocked with trout and chick peas in places that are stocked with trout.  The results have been very good.  Today, for instance, I landed 5 good size mirrors up into the teens using sweetcorn.
This combo of yellow and
orange sweetcorn has
been hot in the last two weeks.
Chick peas have also worked
There's a little twist on the sweetcorn I'm using.  I am using two kernels of regular unflavored corn and one kernel of orange Pescaviva sweetcorn.  The orange kernel is a sandwiched between the two yellow ones on the hair.  Remember, color does make a difference in baits, and it's a fact that carp are attracted to those warm colors of pink, orange, red and yellow.  I'm beginning to think that color makes more of a difference than flavor.
Fishing remains very good in this up and down spring weather.  Get out and sample it before the real warm weather slows it down.

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