Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On a Big Fish Streak

This mirror carp, 21 lbs., was caught
yesterday.  It is one of 10 fish over
20 lbs. taken in the last five days.
I'm on a big fish streak.  In the last five days I have landed over thirty carp with ten of them going over twenty pounds.  Most of the others have been in the 10-20 lb. range.  That warm weather of the last few days has just lit up the fishing for me.  Surprisingly, morning and mid day action has been the best. I'm catching from multiple venues with a number of places producing. Most of the fish have been mirrors.
This unusual beauty, a linear mirror (one
row of scales across the middle
of body), was landed today in some
stormy weather.
Today I went out in the rain and wind and was rewarded with a five fish afternoon with fish up to twenty pounds.  Carp are very active in nasty weather, and some of the largest fish I have ever caught have been taken on bad or stormy days.
Today's fish were all taken on sweet corn on the hair rig.  I used three kernels.....two regular unflavored kernels along with one orange colored tutti-fruitti flavored kernel.  The fish have been off the pop-up artificial corn in the last few days.  Carp will go on and off certain baits, and the hot baits will often change with the weather or the season. So, you need to do some experimenting to find just what is working.


  1. Hey Dave, I have been fishing for carp since last year, and have really struggled and became frustrated. I have the right equipment, but just cant seem to get the carp to bite. I am looking for some good spots on the Blackstone river that could help me catch fish. Anyway you could help me out- my email is awagoner25@gmail.com

  2. Alex,
    Here's how to get better and figure things out. JOIN OUR GROUP
    For just $10 (month of April only) you can join the CAG and become part of our group. There are also a lot of other perks to that year long membership. I send out a lot of updates, technique info and reports via e-mail to our group members. We also fish a lot together and share spot information. Many of our guys have really gotten better at this game through the group.
    It is tough to learn on your own. If you are not doing everything just right, you are not catching. The link to join is www.joincag.com or you can go to www.carpanglersgroup.com to sign up on the home page. I will contact you by e-mail.

  3. Hi Dave,
    I used to fish carp back in Italy when I was young 7-14 years old, carp fishing introduced me to my fishing passion i used to ride a bycicle for 10+ miles to get to hidden and best carp lakes around town! Then i lived in south america and now in Florida. I'm working for 6 months here in Smithfield RI, and found your blog searching for fishing in RI, i didnt know that Carp lived in US waters too, since i got here only fished for bass and perchs. I joined the carp group you will find my email there. I will like to go tomorrow morning 04/17 because i work from 2 pm. Ill need some good spots.

  4. Armando,
    Thanks for joining. I sent you a detailed response on the Carp Angler Group Forum. I also added your name to our RI CAG e-mail list so you will get a lot of local info that way.