Sunday, January 26, 2014

Does Color Matter?

As far as color,
a study claims carp love
 the warm colors such as pink andorange.
I just read an interesting article in the latest edition of the North American Carp Angler magazine which is given to members of the Carp Anglers Group (by the way....worth joining just for the magazine!).  In the article "Sharpening the Senses" excepts from the Jawadyna report are quoted.  This report or study looked at a number of variables such as a carp's taste preferences, color preferences and sound preferences in regards to baits they might take.
A real hot producer for
me last fall and summer
was a combo bait of
an orange Mistral 6mm
boilie along with a kernel or
two of corn.
As far as color, the report concluded that carp preferred warm colors when selecting boilies to eat. Of five color choices of white, blue, pink, yellow and orange, the carp's top choices were pink followed by orange.  No other color came close.
This confirms my own experience with fishing with boilies.  Last summer and fall I was using a lot of combo baits with one of those baits being a Mistral 6 mm floating boilie.  These boilies came in a variety of colors, yet my top producers by far were pink and orange.  I had absolutely no success when using a purple or green boilie and little success with white or yellow.
So, if you are thinking about bait for the upcoming season, consider color as one important variable.  Yes, it does matter at times.


  1. Where do you purchase Pop up pink boilies?

  2. Pink and orange boilies are more and more common these days. That photo is of Mistral 6 mm boilies. Lots of different colors to try Usually Big Carp Tackle has them along with other colored boilies. You might also try Euro sites such as Harris Sportmail. My suggestion if you try boilies is to go with pop-ups and use them in combo with other baits.