Friday, January 3, 2014

RI CAGer Scores in FFF on Jan.1!

Every year the national Carp Anglers Group (CAG) runs a nationwide contest on Jan. 1 called the FFF (First Fishing Folly).  Basically, CAG carp anglers from all over North America go out on Jan. 1 to try to catch a carp. There are prizes for various categories from first fish to largest to smallest.
It's no easy task in New England to catch a carp at that time since most of our carp waters are covered in ice.  Yet, one of our RI CAG anglers did go out and caught not one, but two carp on Jan. 1.  Todd Richer, one of our newest members, landed a common (4 lbs.) and a mirror (5 lbs.) on Jan.1 fishing open water in  20 degree temperatures.  His mirror is currently  in second place for the largest mirror caught in  the FFF. So, congrats Todd on your achievement.  Not easy to do!


  1. Pretty impressive Todd, you sure as hell earned those fish. congratulations!!!

  2. Thanks Nick. It was cold, but well worth it. We had fun.