Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rare, Wild Goldfish Landed Today

I had another good day of carp fishing today with good numbers of fish, but the fish that made my day was a rare, wild goldfish.  I've probably landed only one of these that I can remember, and that was many years ago.  At first, I thought I had a small common, but on closer inspection, I knew I had a different fish.  This fish had a regular mouth that was in the middle of its head and not underneath like a carp.  It also had very small gold scales on its back and shimmering white scales on its belly with a touch of orange near the head.  It  had a head with no scales, a giveaway that I had a goldfish and not a common carp.  The fish was about a foot long but was as wide as a small frying pan.  It was gorgeous!

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