Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Berkley Gulp Artificial Corn

This mirror, caught last week,
hit a Berkley artificial
corn in combo with a kernel
of sweet corn.
Artificial baits have made a big appearance in recent years on the carp scene.  There are many fishermen who think these baits are just as effective as the real thing.  Recently I tried out some Berkley Gulp artificial corn.  This bait is sold locally in many stores like Dick's, Bass Pro and Cabelas.
This corn is a soft, spongy artificial that comes in a variety of colors. I was using a chartreuse.  I used it on a hair rig in combination with a kernel of sweet corn. Yes, I did catch some carp with it.  However, my other outfit had a real kernel of maize along with a kernel of sweet corn, and I did equally as well with the real stuff.
Berkley Gulp Alive
artificial corn comes as
floaters or as a
regular sinking bait.
Once spring comes along, I plan to pursue this a lot this year.  I especially like the idea that you can buy this corn in a floating variety.  Floaters, or pop-ups, tend to give the bait some lift and buoyancy in the water which the carp find very attractive. I had very good success last year when using small floating boilies in combination with another bait.  I think that is where this artificial corn will be very effective.
As an aside, I was on a big European Internet carp store today named Harris Sportmail.  Guess what their number one most popular artificial bait is......Berkley Gulp Alive floating artificial corn!  I can tell you that if the Euro guys are using it, it must be real good.

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