Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Hot Day on a Cold Snowbank

I will admit that I was itching to get out fishing today so that's just what I did.  Damn the snow and ice; it was 40 degrees out and I was going.  I went to a spot I don't normally fish.  I had to trek through woods with snow up to my ears, and when I finally got to the spot, the water in front of me was just about ice covered except for a thin channel of fast moving water.  I had no choice,  That would be the place I would be fishing. I planned to pinpoint my casts right along the ice sheet, the type of spot that often produced in other places like this in early spring.
I will make a long story short.  The fishing proved to be red hot for such tough conditions.  I landed 8 carp and had several more hits in just a few hours of fishing.  Sweet corn on the hair rig with a delicate approach did all the damage.  The fish proved sluggish on the take and on the fight, but that is what happens when the water is cold as ice.
So, this proves once again, that carp will hit in the wintertime if you are in the right spot and you are using the right approach. You need both to be successful.  Many fishermen will tell you that these fish don't hit in the wintertime, but then again, my guess is that these same guys are not out trying.  You can't catch if you don't try.
Let the spring games begin!

There is three to four feet of snow on this bank.  I packed down the snow
and drove my banksticks right into the packed snow. I had to be real careful
when netting the fish.

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