Monday, March 2, 2015

My Favorite Online Carp Stores

Many people ask me where they can buy carp gear.  Specialized carp gear like baiting needles, carp friendly nets, artificial baits, boilies, weigh slings, rucksacks, banksticks and alarms (just to name a few items), can only be purchased in online tackle stores.  You can't walk into tackle shops in RI or even Bass Pro and find any of the important items mentioned above.  Here are three top notch online stores that you should check out.
1.  Big Carp Tackle-  This is my favorite US vendor.  They have everything here from bait to tackle to luggage to outdoor shelters. If it has to do with carp fishing, they have it.  Only problem is they are so popular, they run out of stuff fast. I've bought things like alarms, carp rods, backsticks, nets, bait and countless other things off them. They are very reputable and a sponsor of many of our CAG events.
2.  Harris Sportmail, UK- I do quite a bit of business with this overseas (UK) vendor.  Their prices are 20-30 % cheaper than stores in the US for the same stuff.  The problem here is shipping.  Their shipping goes strictly by weight.  If it is heavy, the shipping costs are so great they offset the lower costs of the items.  However, I buy a lot of lightweight stuff and shipping on those is usually less than US shipping.  At Harris I've bought stuff like quality hooks, artificial baits, shrink tubing and even a weigh sling.  They take a US credit card with the order.
3. Wacker Baits- Over the years I have bought a lot of stuff off Wacker.  They sell everything just like Big Carp Tackle. At Wacker, I have bought stuff like rod pods, backsticks, nets, alarms, rods, sinkers and baiting tools. Not sure what you want, pick up the phone and call Paul who runs the shop.  Every time I have called, he has picked up the phone.
While I have dealt with other carp bait and tackle dealers, these are my three favorite places to shop.  Check them out. I'm guessing they will have what you are looking for!

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