Friday, November 27, 2015

One THOUSAND for the Year

My thousandth fish of the year
really turned out to be two fish!
I hit the thousand fish mark for the year today. Catching over a thousand carp in a year seemed impossible before the season started since nothing got started this year until April due to the severe winter.  So, I got there without catching hardly any carp for the first three months of the year.  But, once the fishing got started in 2015, it was one record month after another for me.
There's a story behind my thousandth fish.  I knew my 15th fish (if I could get it) today would be my thousandth for the year. So, when I landed 14 carp at mid afternoon, I knew the next fish would be it. But, here's where it got crazy....both alarms sounded at the same time....yup, a double.  I fought both fish to the shore with one rod between my legs and the other in one hand while the other hand took turns reeling both reels.  Finally, I landed two commons.  One was about 10 lbs., while the other went 7 lbs. So, my thousandth fish turned out to be really two fish.  Hmm, kind of the way this crazy year is going.
Prior to this year, my best year was 750 fish.  I fish about the same number of days every year, so you can conclude that 2015 has been a spectacular year in terms of numbers for carp fishing. And, it has been a banner year for me with big fish too.


  1. Congrats. Amazing.

    Greetings From the netherlands

  2. Congratulations Dave, I comment on your fishing adventures on our broadcast through out the year and would like to sit down and make another tape interview or be our guest caller on 1-800-949-9674 on the OUTDOOR SCENE on
    Please respond for our schedule,Wayne G. Barber or at home. I am in the book 1-401-568-4894