Saturday, November 14, 2015

Working on Another Record Month

It is only November 14, but already I have caught more carp this November than any other November.  At this point I have 90 carp on the bank, about half mirrors and half commons. This fall continues to be the best I have ever experienced in terms of numbers. Take a look at a couple of pictures (right and left) of fish I have landed in recent days.
Today I set out with low expectations.  Wind chills were in the low thirties when I left my house and there was a big dip in the temperature last night, not good for carp fishing. There was also a brutal, cold wind.  Things began real slow.  I tried two spots for an hour each and came away with three small ones.  So, I packed up and headed for a different location. That's where I found the fish stacked up in a small area.  I was able to land ten fish in just an hour and a half in this spot.  The fish were all sizes and went up to ten pounds.
The hot bait continues to be sweet corn fished on a hair rig.  I've tried maize also and the results are far below what I am getting on sweet corn. With the absence of any pests (turtles, horned pout, bluegills, suckers, etc.), sweet corn is my best bet right now.  At times I am using a method ball with this, at times I am not.

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