Monday, February 22, 2016

Ice Out Alert; Expect an Early Start

This year will be a very different start to fishing than last year.
The wait is nearly over.  Spring fishing for carp in most places
 in RI should get started right after ice out. The ice is going in
most ponds and lakes around the state.
If you remember, last year at this time we were up to our ears in snow, and we had over a foot of ice and growing on most ponds. Not this year.  The snow is gone and the ice is quickly leaving many ponds around the state.  I have been checking out numerous places in the last few days.  Most places had a partial ice covering, but I suspect much of the thin ice will be gone by the end of the week.  That all translates to a very early start of carp fishing here in RI.
Carp will start feeding as soon as the ice departs.  Expect the sunny, warm days to produce the best as a slight uptick in water temperatures will get the fish in a feeding mood. On the other hand, cold days are often a bummer at this time of year. The weather at this time of year is so inconsistent and up and down and the fishing seems to mirror the weather pattern.  Still, I have had some very good days of fishing in March.
Here's yet another big reminder, Starting March 1, you will need a new RI freshwater fishing license. Your 2015 one expires at the end of February. While Opening Day of trout fishing doesn't come until the second week in April, for those who want to fish in March and early April in non trout stocked waters, a new license is needed. Note that any kind of fishing is off limits in trout stocked waters.

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