Friday, January 6, 2017

CAG's FFF Tournament

I am releasing one of two fish that I
landed on Jan.1 in the CAG's
FFF nationwide tournament.
It's become a tradition that I carp fish on New Year's Day every year.  That is because the CAG (Carp Angler's Group) runs its annual FFF (First Fishing Folly) tournament on that date.  This is a national tournament with $700 in prizes and cash, and it is a free event for CAG members.  It is also what I would call a "fun" tournament.  There are awards for the smallest carp, the first ones caught as well as the usual bigger fish category and the most poundage. They have photo contests and writing contests. The FFF is divided into the northern zone of the US and a southern zone.  This year 53 CAG members around the country went out carp fishing on Jan. 1.
Here is a double that Todd and I landed on Jan.1. I landed the
common (above) and he landed the mirror (below).  Both
were hooked and landed at the same time!
This tournament also gives me a chance to get out and fish with some of my fellow RI CAG members. This year I started off on my own in a spot here in RI where I caught nothing.  Later I called my friend Todd Richer who was fishing in MA and having more success than me so I joined up with him.  Together we landed 6 carp ( I got 2 and Todd got 4).  They were all small and ranged from 3 to 7 lbs. But, let me tell you we are not looking for any monsters on New Year's Day.  I am happy catching anything on this date.  Just not that easy to do in cold water.
As it turns out my two fish earned me $35 in prize money.  I was part of the Lucky 13 category (first 13 fish landed for 2016, won third place for the smallest carp category and won 2nd place in the largest mirror category.  Todd ended up being the top prize winner in the tournament as he placed in the top three in at least 5 or 6 categories.

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