Monday, January 23, 2017

Ice Gone......But, Will the Carp Hit?

The good news is that the ice is gone in just about all the ponds and lakes in RI.  The bad news is that we are still in January.
I got out today in a good early season RI spot, and fished non moving water. It was cold and raw but there was not a shard of ice to be found. I saw nothing and got nothing.  Not even a hit on my hair rigged sweet corn.
We are in uncharted waters with ice completely gone at this time.  Even last year, a real warm winter, saw thin ice in most places in January and February.  Remember, too, we are still in mid winter, a time of little activity for carp.  The days are still short, the sun is at a low angle, and I'm sure the carp sense that spring is still a good month and a half away.
I think that your best bet at this time would be to fish a small, shallow pond on a sunny day.  That would give you the warmest water and a better bet to find active fish.  Today was not that type of day.
So, with no ice around, I will go hunting this week for a January carp in non moving water. Hopefully, I'll find a few interested in hitting.

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