Sunday, November 25, 2012

Carp Fishing Comes to a Grinding Halt

I've been out in the cold in the last four days trying for late season carp in many different locations.  I have not had a beep on the alarms, haven't seen any signs of fish, and have not seen another person out fishing.  Carp fishing  has come to a grinding halt here in RI.  So, what gives?  You may remember that last winter I was having decent luck, catching fish in areas that were partially iced over in January and February. Certainly the water was colder back then than it is now.
Here's the key. I believe it all has to do with whether water temperatures are rising or falling.  In recent days, the air  temperatures have been falling like a lead balloon.  That has led to rapidly falling water temperatures, a turn off to carp feeding and activity. The sudden cold is like a shock to their system.  Last winter, I had my best luck  on warm, sunny days.  Even though ice covered parts of the waters I was fishing, the shallow open areas heated up.  So, water temperatures were on the rise, causing the carp to become active enough to feed. I just hope we have a few more of those warm sunny days in the next few weeks or it will be an early end to the season.

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