Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tie Game in Sweet Corn Shootout

In the last couple of days I did an experiment to see which kind of sweet corn was more effective at catching carp.  On one outfit, I went with the very inexpensive Stop and Shop Value sweet corn.  You can get a big can of this stuff for $1.29.  On the other outfit, I went with my favorite, pineapple flavored Pescaviva. You can get this from Wacker Baits at about $5.00 for a small can.  Clearly the Pescaviva is far more expensive. Both kinds of corn were hair rigged with two kernels on the hair. I used the same sinker, same hooklinks, same line.
Well, here are the results.  I landed 10 carp.  Five of the fish were caught on Value Sweet Corn and five fell for the Pescaviva.  Hmm, I'm quite surprised since I always have favored the Pescaviva in the past.  Remember, though, this is a small sampling and it is what happened on a couple of outings  in November.  I know carp can change their preferences in bait almost daily, and at different times of the year, they will prefer different baits or flavors of baits.  However, it was an eye opener for me that the inexpensive corn fared so well.  I plan to continue testing out both in the coming cold months.

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