Saturday, November 17, 2012

This Time of Year.....A Bonus in Many Ways

I actually enjoy fishing in late fall and winter.  Yes, it's cold, but there are so many bonuses to going fishing at this time.  For one, the crowds are gone and you pretty much own the spots.  There are no more boats, canoes and kayaks to contend with.  The pests like turltes, bluegills  and horned pout are all dormant.  When the rod bounces you know it's a carp.  And, it's peaceful and serene sitting outside on the bank tending your rods on a late fall day.
And, let's not forget that the fish are a real bonus too.  They usually don't hit as well in the cold as they do in the warmer months, but they still DO hit.  I got out today late in the afternoon for a couple of hours.  It was cold, but a real nice day.  I landed 5 beautiful mirrors (see pic)  up to ten pounds, very good numbers for this time.  They were all caught on pineapple flavored Pescaviva with no method ball.  I was fishing my winter tactics as described a couple of posts back. From now until the ice comes, I will continue fishing just about every day. In my mind, all the fish I can catch will certainly be a bonus to a year that has been very good for me.

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