Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fly Fishermen....Free Carp Magazine Will Astonish You

If you are a fly fisherman, any type of fly fisherman, you have to check out the latest issue of US CARP PRO magazine, a free online publication at The entire magazine is devoted to fly fishing and it will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about fly fishing for carp from techniques to equipment to flies. 
Here's a shocker for all you Trout Unlimited types out there who think that trout are the only fish to pursue with the fly rod.  According to fly fishing industry experts, "Carp are the fastest growing segment in the (fly fishing) industry. "
Here's another shocking quote from Tom Rosenbauer, director of marketing for Orvis.  "Most of us (at Orvis) prefer carp fishing over trout fishing." WOW!
The whole country is jumping on the carp fishing bandwagon, whether it's bait fishing or fly fishing.  Unfortunately, it isn't happening that way in RI though we have had a slow but steady growth here.  Of course, when you have a DEM that labels carp as an invasive species and you have officials from the DEM saying they'd like to kill every one of them, you get a pretty good idea of the attitudes around here.  And, this comes from a state where we have arguably the best mirror carp fishing in the ENTIRE country.
I was fishing a section of the Blackstone River last week.  As I was walking to my spot, I passed two fly fishermen who were trying for trout.  I'm guessing the best they could hope for would be maybe a 12-14 inch trout.  But, they hadn't caught anything that day.  I walked about half a mile up the river and fished there for carp.  My score for the day was nine carp up to 10 lbs., and these would be considered small for RI.  Get these fly rod guys to catch a ten pound carp and they would be hooked for life. No one is fly fishing for them here in RI.  It is virgin territory waiting to be explored.

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